New Apple Profile of Construction Consultants Using the iPad

I just noticed last night that Apple put up a new “iPad in Business” profile – this one features Crescent Construction Services, with offices in North Carolina and Connecticut.

Industrial clients such as Southern Company and major retailers like Food Lion and Harris Teeter turn to Crescent Construction Services for “commissioning,” an integrated set of inspections into a building’s core systems, from drains to roof. CCS flags any design or construction problems in both new and existing structures, and verifies that these buildings are ready for the final stages of development.

Together, iPad and iPhone are the perfect tools for the job. CCS’s inspectors, project managers, and other staff can rapidly collect information for their comprehensive reports, transmit the data from job site to office, and convert it into final documentation for clients.

via Apple iPad in Business Profile of Crescent Construction Services

CCS custom-built this Filemaker-based app for reporting field conditions

What I find most interesting is that the firm’s vice president, Julian Clayton, championed the adoption of the iPad for the firm, and also is developing apps. The company’s first offering is a punchlist app, fittingly called, Punchlist.

Clearly, this 20-person construction consulting company is going places. Clayton explains that the adoption of new technology is based entirely on the desire to offer better quality of service to their clients.

Congratulations CCS!