Checklist For Adjusters Handling Construction Defect Claims

Subrogation, indemnity, and legal issues are important factors when dealing with construction defect (CD) claims. Because these issues arise concurrently, it’s essential that adjusters stay organized when handling CD claims, according to Lynne Jurek Shannon and Doris T. Bobadilla, construction attorneys with the law firm of Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith.

Denise Johnson, writing for the Claims Journal, reports on a presentation by Shannon and Bobadilla that included an organizational checklist for construction defect claims:

  1. Pre-litigation considerations
  2. Common theories of liability
  3. Examine validity of claim
  4. Retain experts to assess work of all parties involved
  5. Locate additional parties to assist in defense cost
  6. Indemnity analysis
  7. Secure scene and relevant evidence for subrogation purposes