iPads for the A/E/C Industry: Innovation Starts at the Top

This is a wonderful story:

The iPad may be the hot tool for Gen Y managers at construction offices and jobsites, but its biggest devotee and chief software guru at Brinkmann Constructors is the Chesterfield, Mo., firm’s white-haired CEO, Robert G. “Bob” Brinkmann, 62. Seeing a void in project management software that was efficient and affordable for midsize contractors, he led the firm’s push to develop and market a new application that in-house boosters say is unique in the marketplace.

To test out and perfect the firm’s Construction Superintendent-Journeyman app, Brinkmann tasked his stable of project managers and superintendents, most over 35 years old. But he also turned to an eager group of engineering students at the Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, who find Brinkmann’s app and donated iPads to be handy tools in their constructioncost-management class.

I encourage you to read the full article at ENR. Brinkmann’s app is strategically addressing specific business processes with demonstrable return on investment (ROI). There is a temptation among many businesses to adopt technology for its own sake. As I have written about many times over at More From Less, technology is just another tool. If there isn’t a solid business case for implementing technological innovations, what’s the point? A better mousetrap depends on a better strategy…