U.S. General Services Administration: Tangible ROI For Green Building

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently released a report outlining findings associated with 22 buildings incorporating green building practices. The report evaluated the performance of these buildings according to criteria such as CO2 emissions, energy/water usage, maintenance costs, “occupant satisfaction,” among others. 16 of the 22 buildings were registered and/or certified LEED-NC. Below are some of the key findings, as reported by Architect Magazine:

  • The buildings in the study use 25 percent less energy compared to national averages, tracking at 66kBtu per square foot versus 88kBtu per square foot. In addition, the GSA’s LEED Gold–certified buildings in the study have a 27 percent lower energy use (52kBtu per square foot). 
  • The buildings in the study have aggregate operating costs that are 19 percent lower than national averages, at $1.60 per square foot, rather than $1.98 per square foot. 
  • The buildings in the study have a 27 percent higher occupant satisfaction rate. 
  • The buildings in the study have 36percent fewer CO2 emissions than the national average.