Stan Luhr appointed as CEO of 3rd Party Post-Construction Service Provider, AxisPointe

Congratulations to Stan Luhr on his recent appointment as the CEO of AxisPointe. Mr. Luhr is a well-known figure in the construction defect arena and a pioneer in quality control systems for the residential construction industry.

In this new role, Luhr will be joining an established team that has embraced green building and technology as the future of the construction industry. Using state-of-the-art tools, AxisPointe offers solutions to builders including outsourced warranty/customer service support, subcontractor insurance tracking, document management, and assistance in handling claims.

Below is the official press release from PRWeb:

Utah-based AxisPointe which provides risk management and software solutions to the building industry has named former Quality Built® CEO Stan Luhr as its new CEO, it was announced today.

Luhr is regarded as the brainchild of the modern quality movement for the building industry, who gained national support for his successful quality assurance metrics adopted by the nation’s top builders. Prior to joining AxisPointe®, Luhr patented a unique quality assurance system which reduced construction claims on over 430,000 homes since 1994.

“I am excited to be working with Stan Luhr as we broaden our services for the construction industry,” announced Jeff Smith, the company’s President. “He has a wealth of industry knowledge and he provides solutions that our builders will really appreciate.” AxisPointe’s new management structure coincides with the company’s rapid expansion into Canada and abroad.

AxisPointe’s builders range from small custom contractors to industry top-ten home builders, many of which have been on the AxisPointe system for years. The hosted software system allows builders to create document templates that eliminate duplication as files are stored and shared across multiple buildings. Homeowners may visit their customized website and receive photos, job plans, and manufacturers’ documents relating to their home’s construction. Smith said that many builders partner with AxisPointe to generate customized homeowner manuals, store green building documentation and warranty information, and utilize its trade partner insurance monitoring software.

The AxisPointe software is a hosted system, with high level security that operates on company-owned dedicated servers and redundant cloud networks. Smith said that unlike some of his competitors who are in bankruptcy or have deleted builder records, his company maintains records for the life of the home. A massive database containing over 300,000 builder products and digital documentation is instantly available for builders to automatically link important manufacturer’s information directly to the consumer, the largest of any such database.

Luhr plans to leverage the AxisPointe platform immediately to help builders control their operational and legal risks. Their new mobile IPhone® application will instantly track and share construction tasks and quality metrics, update schedules on the fly, and provide a robust communications field tool. Luhr said that he will leverage Apple’s newest iOS 5 Apple operating system to provide real-time GPS and photo transfer to link field staff with their office, allowing instant and live communication to reduce problems and reduce travel costs. AxisPointe’s system earns LEED and other energy program points for management systems, since there is significant paperwork reduction and elimination of automobile travel and waste.

“This software platform is more extensive than anything I have built before, and operates in real time to provide instant communications and progress tracking, Luhr said. “After reviewing more than 50 different programs on the market, I discovered the AxisPointe system was top of the line, and I am thrilled to be a part of this new risk management venture.”

Luhr said that builders are more receptive to emerging mobile technologies which slash paper handling and overhead costs. Builders also enjoy the energy credits that accompany electronic document sharing and storage. Luhr added that the smart phone platform gives builders an inexpensive tool that will help transform the typical construction job site into an efficient and connected business operation.

Insurance companies benefit greatly when builders can eliminate costly mistakes, since major claims can be avoided. “The industry has had many years to analyze the benefit of Mr. Luhr’s quality programs, and there is no doubt that they save us from significant claims,” said Carole Fleischman, Managing Agent for Pioneer Programs Insurance Solutions.

Fleischman first retained Luhr’s company in 1998 and thereafter mandated his program on all of her builder accounts nationwide. After reporting early success with her risk management program, more than 30 major insurers such as Arch, Lexington, and Zurich soon followed, spawning increased insurance availability and policy incentives for quality builders. Fleischman stated that Mr. Luhr’s quality programs were adopted as underwriting criteria for thousands of projects and were the key risk management element in accepting and pricing a risk.

Fleischman sees even greater risks due to the economy as homeowners lose significant equity, and has no intentions of backing down on quality metrics. “I will not insure a builder without proof that they have a robust quality assurance program in place. My loss runs prove that Mr. Luhr’s programs specifically save us millions of dollars in claims, not to mention insured goodwill and reduced warranty cost.”

Luhr remains optimistic that the company will see continued growth despite the recession, primarily due to increasing revenues from Canada and the U.S. as builders creep back into the market.

“These tools leverage technology to solve problems for builders so they can turn waste into profit. That is what quality management is all about.”

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AxisPointe partners with home builders and contractors with technology solutions to streamline the construction process and eliminate risk. AxisPointe’s HomeProfile® document management software has been employed on thousands of homes by leading builders. AxisPointe’s platform of services includes project quality assurance, safety and control systems, project document storage and archiving, customer service management, insurance certificate management, post-warranty claims and litigation management systems.
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