Highrise – A Documentary Exploring “Vertical Living in the Global Suburbs”

Highrise is a multi-year, multimedia documentary experiment by the National Film Board of Canada, directed by Katerina Cizek, and produced by Gerry Flahive. The project seeks to re-examine documentary as not just observational, but participatory. ArchDaily’s Irina Vinnitskaya has the story:

One Millionth Tower explores the future of high-rise residential housing and a staple of residential developments over the past several decades.  With over one billion people currently residing in these buildings, which are often falling apart, One Millionth Tower is a documentary that brings together highrise residents and architects to repair these vertical neighborhoods. This documentary takes the skills of animators and programmers to reconstruct their sketches in 3-dimensional form, creating an open-source, interactive 3-D virtual environment that supports participation and collaboration within urban design.

Here is a trailer for the film: