Harry McCracken on using the iPad as a primary computing device

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken:

I think it’s possible to use an iPad as one’s primary device for professional-level content creation. Actually, scratch that. I’m positive it’s possible–because I’ve been doing it for the past three months, and I’ve been having a really good time.

I agree, for the most part, with McCracken’s opinions here. The iPad is capable of replacing most of the functions of a laptop. As he points out, there are some things he still uses his MacBook Air for, including managing his WordPress installation, and for specific apps that are not available for the iPad.

Where I differ with McCracken, purely on personal preferences, is using an external keyboard with the device. He uses one of those iPad case/keyboard combos that essentially turn the device into an iOS-based laptop. To me, I’d rather use a laptop for situations that require a full keyboard. I don’t write blog posts on my iPad, but for email and note-taking, I have become quite efficient using the on-screen keyboard.

Anybody else considering switching primarily to an iPad for computing?