Quality in Retail Design & Construction Today

I’m pleased to announce that my first post has been published at Retail Design & Construction Today. This website is the “source for all the critical information needed by professionals in the efficient & sustainable design and construction of retail.”

I will be posting twice each month and will likely focus on quality in retail design and construction. In addition, I will try to cover some of the innovative things happening locally in the San Diego retail environment.

Below is an excerpt from my first post:

To assure quality in construction, quality must be verified. While many contractors and subcontractors have (or should have) internal quality control programs, stakeholders need to establish internal quality verification policies. Whether this is administered by staff or through independent third-party owner representatives, quality verification is essential to protecting the integrity of capital expenditures…

Retailers know and understand the importance of quality. By extending this culture of quality into the built environment, we can collectively elevate the standards of practice. The end result: quality retail establishments communicate to consumers that retailers are concerned with quality in every aspect of business.

See the whole post at rdctoday.com