Metal Band Video as Legal Marketing?

Well, this is a new one…

Steven A. Delchin, of Squire Sanders & Delcin, handles litigation and appellate cases. He is also the front man of an Ohio metal band named, Alternate Reality.

To accompany their song, “The King That Never Was,” Delchin and his bandmates created a music video using “a $69 Kodak pocket camera.” The resulting video went viral.

But it went viral in a way that was likely unintended. Yahoo! has nominated the video as the worst video of 2011. Martha Nell at the ABA Journal has more:

The chain-mail-clad characters battle it out, in and around historic Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, with swords and a bow and arrow, in a production widely panned as not only one of the worst videos but the worst video of 2011.

Delchin, however, is not complaining.

“We’re thrilled with the publicity,” he tells the ABA Journal, explaining that his hitherto unknown part-time band plays a couple of charity gigs a year and has no commercial aspirations but nonetheless is enjoying its fame while it lasts. “We were on the front page of Yahoo as the worst video of 2011!”

And without further ado, I present, Alternate Reality: “The King That Never Was”: