To Serve Clients: It’s NOT a Cookbook!

Allison Shields has a great post up at Lawyerist about client service. While directed at attorneys, the same advice applies to consultants and other professional service providers, in my opinion.

Client service means adequately addressing the needs of your clients. Or as Alan Weiss puts it, “improving your clients’ situation.”

In my experience, many lawyers confuse ‘serving clients’ with billing hours on client files. Just because you are working on a client’s file and billing hours does not necessarily mean that you are providing high quality client service or satisfying your clients.

What clients do see and understand is client service. Most of the time, that has nothing to do with your legal education or your technical legal skill. The only thing that matters is the client’s experience with your firm. Service is about how you make the client feel. Do your clients get the impression that you care about them and you take care of them?

via (Thanks to construction lawyer, Christopher G. Hill for sharing this)