San Diego: Architectural students propose Low Impact Development solutions to storm water

Nearly every time it rains in San Diego, the beaches are closed due to contamination from storm water runoff. Using Low Impact Development practices, landcape architecture students at NewSchool of Architecture submitted proposals to address this problem at a recent event, according to SD Metro’s Daily Business Report:

The proposals were developed in NSAD’s Design Clinic, an elective course that allows students to undertake community challenges, and formally presented during a public forum in December. Students who contributed proposals were: Andrea Gal, Katelynn Hanson, Lee Lemons and Jorge Michios. Landscape Architecture program chair Leslie Ryan oversaw the design clinic project and made a formal presentation Dec. 6 of the project findings as part of the quarterly “Signs of the Tides” event hosted by San Diego Coastkeeper. The event was held in coordination with the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association.

The key to preventing pollutants from runoff reaching the ocean, is to implement more permeable areas for collecting and filtering storm water. The NewSchool students demonstrated solutions that would utilize urban gardens at street intersections, slow the flow of storm water to minimize flooding in the commercial district downhill at the coast, while improving the community by increasing green spaces.