Things to do in 2012 – personal branding, business development, technology

Here are some of the things to keep on the radar as we move forward through 2012:

  1. Update your website! If you haven’t touched your website this decade, you are (perhaps unintentionally) communicating to visitors to your site, that you don’t care.
  2. Start a blog! If you haven’t started a blog yet, this could really help you with the first item. Its 2012, folks – blogging is an important part of a cohesive marketing and personal branding strategy.
  3. The Social Network Not the movie, we are talking about real life. Social networking sites are just a different means of communication. In your personal life, you have the right to dictate how you communicate with your friends, family and acquaintances. In your professional life, you need to use communicate with others on their terms.
  4. Google+ Related to the previous item, Google+ is definitely a game-changer, but it isn’t just another social network. While Google still has some issues to resolve, there is no question that the service will affect search engine rankings. Get started now with this book by Chris Brogan – Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything
  5. Video The cost of entry is surprisingly low, but the impact has enormous potential. I invested in some equipment, and will be jumping in as well. Why is video an important part of personal branding and business development strategy? Because the majority of human communication is nonverbal. Your personal brand, which drives your professional success, is dependent upon trust and credibility. Show people who you are, don’t try to tell them.
  6. Technology The iPad, iPhone and similar technologies enable you to engage with others and to address business concerns on your terms. Business is mobile, are you?
  7. TCB: Taking Care of Business Make 2012 the year that you commit to taking care of business like a professional. That means following best practices and making investments of your time into improving your workflows. Just because your firm doesn’t have a full-time CMO (chief marketing officer) or CTO (chief technology officer) or CIO (chief information officer), doesn’t mean that the need isn’t there.

Business development, personal branding and technology are integral to our lives as professionals.

Have questions? Let me know.

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