San Diego: Engineers develop plan to prevent further erosion at Sunset Cliffs

The city of San Diego commissioned a $250,000 study to address increasing erosion at Sunset Cliffs. Deterioration of the coastline has accelerated due to storm drainage, threatening homes and one of the city’s finest locations. But San Diego’s Park and Recreation Department has a plan in the works.

Water winds around homes and concentrated runoff cuts into the cliffs. After an intensive five year study, the city has a plan to slow shrinking of the shoreline.

“Drill a hole at an angle so that the outlet is near the base of the bluff,” Jacob said as he showed 10News several different complex illustrations.

Three sections would get one or two drains, making up to a total of six. There are some existing drains, but they’re not big enough to handle all the runoff, so water flows over the parking lots and down the cliffs.