CSS1K Showcases How Developers Can Do More With Less :: @luxagraf (Wired.com)

The primary standards that define content on the web are HTML and CSS. HTML, or hypertext markup language, defines the structural components of web content. CSS, or cascading style sheets, defines how the HTML is presented. If you are interested in learning more, visit the home of web standards: W3C.

Without a doubt, CSS Zen Garden was one of my biggest inspirations to begin designing for the web. CSS1K takes it one step further.

The web has changed considerably since the heyday of CSS Zen Garden. Today we can do just about anything using web standards like HTML and CSS, but now there’s a new problem — websites are getting fatter, as much as 25 percent fatter in the last year alone. Much of that added weight comes from JavaScript, but CSS shares some of the blame. According to HTTP Archive, the top 1,000 sites on the web load an average 30KB worth of CSS.

Inspired by CSS Zen Garden and driven by a desire to showcase what can be done with a mere 1KB of CSS, Jacob Rask, a web developer at Opera Software, created CSS1K about six months ago. Since then the site has showcased 68 different designs, all with stylesheets under 1KB.