ENR profiles construction consultant and iPad app developer, Julian Clayton

ENR’s Erin Joyce has a profile up of Julian Clayton, vice president of technology and products at Crescent Construction Services. Clayton developed an iPad app for construction consultants that was featured on Apple’s website last October.

Rather than simply developing an app for the sake of developing an app, Clayton’s app development was designed to address specific problems: “There are so many mistakes made at every point of the process. We had one example where there was $50,000 worth of lighting sitting in the back of a store that [owners] didn’t know about because they had stuck to one paper document that was flawed.”

Clayton’s work building apps for smaller audiences reflects a trend in the industry to make apps simple and, if possible, specific. For example, Clayton says, a lot of firms are conducting survey work on empty real estate for potential re-use projects. Paper-based checklists and film-based cameras are still common on many of these jobs. His development team is building an app that helps users pull a variety of documents (email, PDFs, Word) and then generates a report along with the punchlisting data. “Many jobs like this are not getting consistent info,” he says.