Rebranding a 100-year old organization: the ASHRAE story

ASHRAE’s president, Ron Jarnagin, announced the culmination of the organization’s rebranding, which includes a new logo, a new tagline, a new website and increased focus on global reach. In addition, ASHRAE prepared a video that tells the organization’s story.

First, and most visible, is a refreshening of the ASHRAE logo. Market research showed us that the logo had a dated brand presence (the logo was created in 1959 to recognize the merger between The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers and the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers) and that we needed a more modern look that fully reflects the evolving structure of the Society and our aspirations. Along with this logo, we have created an ASHRAE Logo Guide document to ensure that we maintain a consistent brand image.

In addition, we have created a tagline to help explain to outside audiences the expanded role of ASHRAE in the world around us. “Shaping Tomorrow’s Built Environment Today” presents ASHRAE as the dynamic and innovative Society it is today and promises our members, the industry and the world that whatever the future brings in the built community, ASHRAE will be at the forefront for research and guidance.

Lastly, we are doing business as “ASHRAE” vs. using our full legal name of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Use of ASHRAE reflects our global membership and that our services will continue evolving globally.