Alan Weiss (@BentleyGTCSpeed) on reaching the “next level” in professional practice

Alan Weiss, the consultant’s consultant, knows a thing or two about expanding professional service practices. Most consultants (and other professional service providers) have a goal in mind of reaching the “next level.” Having the intention to do so is not enough. There needs to be action, even if that action means doing less so that you have more time to take the steps necessary to reach that next level.

Earlier today a woman wrote to ask exactly where in Los Angeles my June workshop would be, since that would depend whether she would go. (This is a workshop that would normally cost at least $1000, but I’m doing for $100!) Upon investigation, I find that her days are totally filled, primarily because she is “selling all day” and feels obligated to run at 4:30 or so in the morning. If you’re in a rut that doesn’t allow you the time to explore how to leave the rut, guess where you’ll remain? (Hint: Not on the next level.) This is why doctors who schedule back-to-back patients every day all week can’t improve their practices.