Nick Kreitler (@Archncik) on professional service firm leadership: Is your “check engine” light on?

Well, what I mean by that is that an engine runs on gas and oil. If you consider the oil as the collaborative and creative side of an office, while the gas in the tank as the productive side that keeps the office running, you’ll get this analogy. The point is that you need both of those to keep the car operating, so keep that in mind when you start the engine on your firm.

I think that Nick makes some really excellent points in his post. While directed at architecture firms, I think it applies to all professional service firms, including solos. In fact, I was discussing this with a dentist the other day.

Success for small professional service firms comes from properly balancing the roles of:

  1. offering professional services
  2. managing a business

Those are separate and distinct functions/roles. And sometimes, the principal provider of professional services (say that 3 times real fast!) isn’t always the best business leader. As Nick points out, the key is to find out what works best for your firm.