How to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed with “information overload”

Chris Smith at Stepcase Lifehack has a great post on managing information overload. His suggestions are techniques that I try to use as well:

  • Use an RSS reader to quickly scan content (I use Google reader which is connected to Flipboard on my iPad)
  • Adopt the Inbox Zero practice (I really try to do this, but often fail miserably…)
  • Filtering social media accounts (I use Hootsuite with custom lists and keyword searches for Twitter)

Information “overload” is here to stay. There is no stopping it. So, rather than be a luddite and unplug completely, use these tips to keep up with what is important to you and the things that you need to get done in a more efficient way. If you follow a routine of combing the information that has made its way to your life’s inbox, you can keep up with it and handle it effectively.

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