RDCToday.com: Transforming JCPenney’s brand through architecture, innovation

My latest post for Retail Design & Construction Today is now live. The title is, Will redesign of JCPenney brand also influence retail architecture?

In the article, I discuss the surprising move by Ron Johnson from head of retail for Apple to CEO of JCPenney. Johnson was responsible in the 90s for changing Target’s brand perception as a retailer, and led the development and expansion of Apple’s amazingly successful retail strategy.

Can he work that same magic on a company with over a century of business history? To accomplish this mission, Johnson is relying on four key principles:

  1. Changing the interior architecture of the stores, creating a Main Street featuring boutique brand storefronts, and a Town Square for integrating products with services (similar in concept to the Apple Genius Bar)
  2. Employees will no longer be paid on commission, and encouraged to genuinely help shoppers and build relationships, instead of focusing on making sales (another idea from Apple retail)
  3. Simplified pricing structure, bucking the long standing practice of selling items at odd amounts ($10 vs. $9.99)
  4. Significantly limiting the number of sales and using “everyday low pricing,” a la Walmart

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