Quality Intent vs. Quality Delivered, featuring Erik Peterson of @OacManagement

My friends at OAC Management Incorporated just produced an outstanding video. Erik Peterson, the founder and president of OAC, discusses “bridging the gap” between quality intent and quality delivered.

Quality Intent

The term quality intent refers to the expectations that stakeholders, designers, construction managers and craftsmen have in regards to a given construction project. We expect that the plans, specifications, manufacturer requirements, and any applicable codes/standards will be followed. Why shouldn’t we? Isn’t that what contracts, inspections by code officials, internal quality control programs, various green building certifications, etc. are meant to do?

To be blunt, based on over a decade working in construction defect litigation, the answer is no.

Quality Delivered

The term quality delivered refers to what actually occurs. I think you can compare quality intent with construction documents, and quality delivered with as-builts. Construction projects aren’t The Secret – intention is not enough to ensure that quality is maintained.

This is what bridging the gap is all about. Below is the video:

If the video doesn’t show up, try this link.