Arizona’s oldest law firm using cutting edge technology, profiled on Apple’s website

Apple has long embraced storytelling as a tool for marketing its products. Unlike dry and bland case studies that other marketers use, Apple’s “profiles” have always been one of my favorite sections on their website.

While Apple has profiled law firms in the past, the recent profile of Fennemore Craig, Arizona’s oldest law firm, may be the first featuring lawyers using iPads specifically. I have noticed at recent seminars and networking events, that lawyers have been adopting iPads in droves, so it is nice to see some recognition by Apple.

Take note of how Fennemore Craig is using iPads for their personal injury practice:

Fennemore Craig also uses iPad to present “video demand packages” that outline the facts of a case to opposing attorneys, mediators, and other decision-makers in legal negotiations. Fennemore Craig creates these presentations in-house, combining video interviews, photos and diagrams of locations and incidents, explanations from expert witnesses, and computer generated imagery (CGI) to build a compelling picture of the events in question.

“Historically we would send a written document to opposing lawyers or insurance adjusters to try to get a matter resolved,” Lamber says. “But as artful as you can be with the written word, it can never communicate the whole story as effectively as we can with the iPad. It’s a window to the case. It’s a direct view.”

Thanks to legal marketing consulting Larry Bodine for pointing this out.