Green Developer achieves measurable results, avoids “green mine field”

Frank Deluca is the CEO of DCL Equity Partners, a company which describes itself as follows:

DCL Equity Partners is a boutique private equity commercial real estate investment firm focused on delivering above average future returns and capital appreciation by means of developing, constructing, and managing a portfolio of truly green and sustainable real estate properties that are considered niche investments.

When it came time for Deluca to begin development of a new medical office building, he realized that “not going green was the single biggest mistake [he] could make.” But what about all the extra costs associated with going green? By using an integrative design process, Deluca’s team delivered a building that used less energy, cost less than other approaches, and avoided green building certification:

So now comes the question of LEED, Energy Star, BREEAM or all of the above. Here is my take on these sustainable measuring metrics: they all serve a purpose but they should not be your end goal. The goal is to cost-effectively deliver a sustainable, energy efficient building that benefits the community it serves and enriches the lives of those that use it. To do that you must think clearly and fiscally responsibly. Simple pay-back models cannot be used; when modeling your project you must look at life cost analysis. We must think legacy — of our buildings and our work. Hopefully, yours is longer than five years.

via Environmental Leader

That last line reminds me of something…