How to deliver a better proposal

For many professional service firms, here is the typical sales process:

  1. Meet a new potential client
  2. Get to know said potential client and establish trust
  3. Identify an opportunity to work with potential client
  4. Send proposal to potential client
  5. Potential client accepts proposal and becomes an active client

A new web-based application, Quote Roller hopes to improve on step 4 – sending beautiful proposals effortlessly. Robert Scoble did an interview with one of the team members behind Quote Roller:

Quote Roller comes in a free version (allowing 3 proposals per month), and paid versions for individuals and teams.


One thing about this product – it probably won’t be very useful when responding to formalized Requests For Proposals (RFPs), which are much more common in government and institutional contracts. For that, I recommend my friend Matt Handal’s book: