Balfour Beatty’s BIM strategy: It is time to move beyond project delivery

UK’s Balfour Beatty PLC recently reached a deal with Autodesk to leverage Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve the built environment. The goal is to “support better design, construction and asset management for the lifecycle, and better facility outcomes for owners and society.”

“That’s why we have begun speaking of ‘beyond delivery,'” says Millard. The message the company wants to get across internally and externally is that its goal is to go beyond the ability to visualize, simulate and optimize designs, or to minimize waste and simplify construction, maintenance and operations. Now the goal is to recognize that the facility is there to support business activities and social outcomes—which are tied to facility performance.

“This is a start of driving that kind of revolutionary thinking— ‘beyond product delivery,” Millard says. “We can’t tactically walk through this change in our industry. We need to approach it in a strategic way.”