Google hosted services for business get e-discovery option

Everyone loves Gmail. (Well, maybe not everyone…) But not everyone wants a “” email address – especially if you are a business. For years, Google has offered its Apps for Business suite of hosted email, calendar, document collaboration, and more – all using your own domain name. Unfortunately, complying with requests for electronic documents (e-discovery) has been a challenge for some businesses using Apps suite. Now, Google is rolling out a cloud-based service to take care of that for just $5 per user, per month.

Called Apps Vault, the new governance and e-discovery service is designed for companies that want to store that data and have it easily accessible—in case, for example, they’re involved in a lawsuit or regulatory investigation and need to provide such information as part of the proceedings.

“With the ability to search and manage data based on terms, dates, senders, recipients and labels, Vault helps you find the information you need, when you need it,” Jack Halprin, Google’s Head of eDiscovery, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday


Note: Google has offered, and continues to offer Google Message Discovery – an e-discovery service that picked up by acquiring Postini. The company says that the new vault service is better, but will continue to support and offer Postini for the time being.