Smart and energy efficient thermostat gets significant updates

Nest Update

The Verge’s Nilay Patel discusses some updates to Nest, one of the smartest and easiest to use home HVAC controllers:

The most significant update comes right in time for summer: Airwave is a new way of controlling your air conditioner that promises to save up to 30 percent in cooling costs. The idea is basically to take advantage of excess cooling capacity and cold air stored in your A/C compressor and ductwork — the Nest will stop the compressor about five minutes earlier than usual and blow out the additional cool air to bring the house down to your target temperature. “There’s a lot of potential that’s just wasted” in conventional A/C systems, says Nest’s Maxime Veron. “We shorten your A/C cycle and just use the fan to cool your home at a much lower cost.” Airwave will work with all forced-air air conditioning systems, and Veron says the Nest will monitor relative humidity levels to make sure it doesn’t blow around humid air. It’ll be enabled automatically after a Nest firmware update that’s rolling out today.