Ever wish you could use Windows on your iPad? Now you can – legally

While the idea of using Windows on an iPad seems about as exciting as updating your MySpace page via Facebook, this is actually a really great idea. A gaming company named OnLive provides a virtualized installation of Windows that you can use through your iPad for just $5 per month. But due to licensing issues, they almost ended up in serious trouble:

Microsoft publicly confirmed that OnLive wasn’t properly licensed, saying it was talking to OnLive to bring the service into compliance. Brian Madden, a technologist and blogger about virtual desktops, reported today that OnLive has made the necessary switch. Instead of offering a hosted Windows 7 instance, OnLive apparently now offers one based on Windows Server 2008 R2. Under Microsoft licensing rules, hosted virtual instances of Windows 7 cannot be provided unless each user has a license from Microsoft, and Office can’t be provided as a service at all except when it’s hosted on Windows Server and Remote Desktop Services.

Via arstechnica.com