A LEED alternative for California homes: GreenPoint Rated

Duane Craig, at Construction Informer, reports that the state of California has recently released data on 10,000 homes that have been certified by the GreenPoint rating system.

GreenPoint Rated is supposed to help homeowners ensure their homes are built or remodeled to meet high environmental standards. Like a report card for green homes, the rating system assigns points based on five categories: energy efficiency, resource conservation, indoor air quality, water conservation and community benefits. The program determines the point values based on the use of verified green construction practices and sustainable materials that exceed California’s residential building and energy code requirements…

Besides environmental benefits, the program claims homes that have been built or remodeled using green building techniques may have lower-cost utility bills, home maintenance and repairs. Early research also indicates that homes with a green label may retain their value better, even in a tough real estate market, and are attractive to a growing number of homeowners and buyers.

Via constructioninformer.com

What is GreenPoint Rated? It is a rating system developed by the non-profit organization, Build It Green, which “incubates” green building practices in the San Fransisco Bay area, and then promotes those practices throughout the state. I found the following quote from GreenPoint’s frequently asked questions particularly interesting:

The GreenPoint rating process is a non-invasive physical examination of building systems, structures, materials and components to assess energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource efficiency of materials and construction methods, and construction quality. The rater verifies that proper procedures are being followed and compiles supporting documentation. The rating process is not intended to be technically exhaustive and should not be relied upon to identify potential construction defects.