San Diego Central Library under construction: “The nerds have infiltrated the construction industry”

Designed by one of San Diego’s own starchitects, Rob Quigley, the new Central Library is taking shape. Scoop San Diego’s Jim Madaffer had an opportunity recently to tour the construction site and to speak with some of the project managers at Turner about the project. Turner is serving as Construction Manager At-Risk.

Turner’s Project Engineer Brian Licht and Assistant Project Manager Spencer Evans demonstrated the technology Turner is using to make sure costs are kept in line and things are built right the first time preventing wasteful changes and redesigns along the way. “The nerds have infiltrated the construction industry”, said Licht.

The original drawings from Architect Quigley were digitized by partnering architects Tucker-Sadler. The plans were then added to a three-dimensional digital system that maps each nail, concrete pour, pipe and beam, all the parts and pieces needed to construct the building and ensure everything is on schedule and on budget. If the drawings for heating and cooling systems didn’t line up with the drawings for a wall or a door, conflicts are noted by the computer and adjustments can be made while still on the drawing board and before they are actually under construction. This state-of-the-art system also makes it possible to have the most accurate and up-to-date as-built drawings available in real time.


Some videos showing the BIM model and a photo slideshow of the project under construction: