“The Green Millionaire” may no longer be a millionaire following FTC settlement

According to Chris Morran at The Consumerist, Nigel Williams has run afoul of the FTC. Through a series of informercials and websites, the self-styled “Green Millionaire” allegedly took advantage of consumers with false promises. After the FTC filed a lawsuit against Williams and his co-conspirators, they reached a settlement of $2,000,000 with the following terms:

According to the settlement, the defendants can no longer misrepresent:

  • that any product, program, or service is offered on a “free,” “trial,” “no obligation,” or “discounted” basis;
  • the amount a consumer will be charged or billed; and
  • the timing of any charge or the length of any trial period.

They are also banned from making blatantly false statements, like that anyone can get free gas for life, put solar panels on their roofs for free, and make their electricity meter go backward.

Via The Consumerist