5-Story Hospital Earthquake Simulation Happening Today in San Diego

UCSD’s earthquake simulator will be testing the performance of a 5-story hospital in a 6.7 to 8.8 magnitude seismic event. Coinciding with the annual Seismology Society of America convention here in San Diego, results of the test may provide insight into how to construct healthcare facilities to be safer for occupants.

California Seismic Safety Commission Chairman Richard McCarthy states that the public perception is that hospitals will remain safe and functional following a major earthquake in order to provide care for those injured.

“Unfortunately, we know this isn’t always the case,” he said. “The research obtained in this shake test will help us retrofit and design hospitals so that they can continue to function after a major earthquake.”

Once the seismological tests are complete, a fire will be set to determine how quake damage affects the spread of flames, according to the commission.

Via 10 News