The New Home Company: Multigenerational housing with some Apple flair

Irvine’s Lambert Ranch development will consist of 169 “compound-style” homes with flexible layouts to accomodate a growing class of multi-generational homebuyers. What caught my eye was how they are approaching sales.

With flexible spaces and varied floor plans, the homes answer to a variety of living scenarios, says Joan Marcus-Colvin, vice president of sales, marketing, and design for The New Home Company. By now, aging parents and boomerang kids are a familiar story to builders and developers, but Marcus-Colvin mentions several other situations where the flexible floor plans would be particularly useful, including adult siblings who want to raise their kids near each other, or families split by divorce who need to stay close by each other so the kids can be near both parents.

The New Home Company’s sales strategy is forward-thinking, too. While traditional setups are designed so that prospective buyers pass through the sales office and talk to sales reps, The New Home Company is offering autonomy. Upon arriving, clients will be handed an iPad and they’ll then go on a self-guided tour. “What inspired us is the experience that you have at the Apple store,” explains Joan Marcus-Colvin. “The service is exceptional and people are there if you need and want them, but if you want to take your time and get to know the product on your own, that’s fine, too.” She adds, “Why not apply that same model to selling homes?”