To succeed in the new economy, every company must become a Tech company

Adam Hartung, one of the leading global management consultants, states that for success in the new economy, every company must become a tech company. In analyzing the astonishing rise of the share price of Apple, he says that traditionally valued assets (land, buildings, equipment) matter less than information, knowledge and effective solutions:

Unless we look at this information in the context of a major, global economic shift. That what the world values has changed dramatically. And that what investors are telling business (and government) leaders is that in a globalized, fast paced world value is based upon what you know, when you know it – in other words information. Not land, buildings or the ability to make things…

Successful competition in 2012 (and going forward) requires businesses know about customers, products and have the ability to supply solutions fast with great reach. Winning is about what you know, knowing it early, acting upon the information and then being able to disseminate that solution fast to those who have emerging needs.

Via The Phoenix Principle