Doug Aitken’s house sounds as good as it looks

In Venice, CA, artist Doug Aitken has created a piece of artwork that he and his partner actually live in. Described by the New York Times as “the first temple to Acid Modernism,” the home features silk-screened walls on the lower floors that mimic the hedges growing outside. Throughout the home, Aitken has incorporated sound – including stairs that sound like a xylophone as one ascends or descends, and a special guest performer has been summoned to complete his symphony:

Buried in its concrete foundation are nine geological microphones sensitive enough to pick up and amplify the sounds of the tectonic plates shifting and grinding beneath the state of California. Providing a constant soundtrack of subtle clicks and drones throughout the house, accentuated with the sounds of nearby traffic, and even the tides rolling in and out. Imagine the symphony that must occur whenever an earthquake strikes.

Via Gizmodo