Curtis Hougland – Challenging the myths associated with social media marketing

Wired has been hosting a conference called, Disruptive by Design. PR executive Curtis Hougland took the stage to take common misperceptions about social media to task. According to Wired’s Beth Carter, Hougland skewered the following myths:

  1. “Social media is technology”
  2. “Social media is a bubble”
  3. “Marketing is more difficult”
  4. “Brand matters more”
  5. “The primary benefit of social media is buzz”
  6. “The website is the center of the customer journey”
  7. “Great creative drives disruption”

As Carter summed it up:

In other words, make relationships, make human connections, use links and be personal. People don’t just want to be seen as a number on a datasheet, and they can usually tell when they are being treated as such. With use of data acquired from social media on the rise, how to use this data is becoming increasingly important.

Visit the link below for a video of Hougland’s talk.