Is there an ethical obligation to remain aware of issues impacting your profession?

LexBlog founder Kevin O’Keefe recently chaired a program in San Francisco regarding social media for legal business development. During the discussion, someone suggested that the day may come when lawyers are required to use an RSS reader. (An RSS reader allows one to review the articles and posts linked by RSS feeds. See this video by CommonCraft for an excellent explanation.)

Kevin’s point is that lawyers have an ethical obligation to stay informed regarding changes in the law – in other words, keeping abreast of news and information pertaining to their profession. Shouldn’t this be an ethical obligation for every profession?

15 to 20 percent of Americans use an RSS reader to receive customized news and information.

The group tends to be comprised of very busy people who are required as part of what they do to stay up to speed with news, information, and insight. They don’t have time to get information the old fashioned way through print or online by search, browsing, or bookmarking websites.

The group also tends to include professionals who need to collaborate with and learn from peers in their profession as well as engage those around them in their industry.