The challenges of preparing trial exhibits for expert witnesses

Ken Lopez founded A2L Consulting, which offers a number of trial presentation services to lawyers, after graduating from law school. As he illustrates, working with expert witnesses can be challenging when it comes to providing demonstrative visual aids for explaining complex ideas to a jury:

When we work with these highly educated and often brilliant specialists – people whose testimony can often make the difference between victory and defeat for our clients – our task is, quite simply, to help them be as effective as possible. We achieve this primarily by helping the attorneys painstakingly prepare them for their deposition testimony before trial and for their direct testimony during trial, including the development of visual presentations that track their testimony. Experts must not only be well prepared for their own set testimony, but even more so for every possible attack by cross-examination, which is really where the case can be won or lost.

In general, experts fall into two camps when it comes to their ability to use visual aids to support and even explain their testimony. Some welcome the help from trial graphics consultants so that their highly technical presentation will be better understood by a jury of laymen (and even the judge, who may not be technically savvy), but some are already quite certain that they will be well understood by judges and juries and don’t think “charts” are going to help.

Via A2L Consulting