Reimagineering the whiteboard

George Morris is a co-founder of imulus a digital agency that designs “brand interactions.”

I love the idea of whiteboards but their aesthetic has much to be desired. When we moved into our new office I didn’t want to wrap our conference room with hideous whiteboard paint. Whitewalls are for doctors offices, I wanted something warmer and inviting that encouraged collaboration. After a bit of searching I found Solutions MB offered a transparent whiteboard “repair” coating with the oh so memorable name of MB4000W. After a few emails with the creator of MB4000W, I felt this product could be my alternative to a whiteboard.

For the “canvas” I wanted a natural wood look. Pine is cheap, it warps and is too soft of a surface. Oak is great, but too expensive. I settled on bamboo flooring for it’s hardness, look and added benefit of being a green product. The tongue and groove flooring provided a nice tight fit to avoid any gaps between the wood panels.