FBI: 14 additional guilty pleas entered related to Las Vegas construction defect scandal

The FBI issued a press release concerning the ongoing Las Vegas HOA construction defect litigation fraud saga. On May 31, 2012, fourteen additional co-conspirators entered guilty pleas. Nancy Quon, the attorney at the heart of the conspiracy, was found dead as a result of an apparent suicide in March of this year.

According to court documents, the fraud scheme operated from approximately August 2003 through February 2009 with various co-conspirators joining that scheme at different times. The conspirators operated the scheme to direct construction defect litigation and repairs at condominium complexes to a particular law firm and construction company.

In order to accomplish the scheme, certain co-conspirators identified HOAs that could potentially bring construction defect cases. Once identified, the co-conspirators enlisted real estate agents to identify condominium units within the HOA communities for purchase. The co-conspirators then enlisted individuals as straw purchasers to use their names and credit to purchase condominiums in the complexes. The defendants admitted that the co-conspirators provided the down payments and monthly payments to the straw purchasers, including HOA dues and mortgage payments, and that various false and misleading statements were made to secure financing for the properties. Certain co-conspirators operated and managed the payments associated with these properties. The payments were often wired between California and Nevada.