VE-ADR 2012: Where are we going with Construction Defect Litigation?

6 thoughts on “VE-ADR 2012: Where are we going with Construction Defect Litigation?”

  1. Thanks for the great post. Regarding the hundreds of people involved in each defect case, do you happen to know where one can find information (statistical or otherwise) regarding the % of the construction "industry" activity (as a whole) that is cd-related? Thanks . . . Stark

    1. This data was compiled by a developer attorney for one typical residential construction defect case. If I understand them correctly, this number includes the total number of legal professionals that billed on the case, experts and their employees, and insurance professionals.

      As far as how many people are involved in construction defect litigation, I know that about 1,600 people attend West Coast Casualty's construction defect seminar each year, and there are usually only one or two representatives from each company attending. (Some firms send 20 people, though.) Based on that, I would assume that there are tens of thousands of people who work almost exclusively in CD litigation.

      I have heard people say that construction defects cost $3B each year. That number probably only represents repair costs in court verdicts. As an industry, I am guessing CD litigation represents several times that amount.

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