The ultimate attic inspection tool: Petzl’s 700 Lumen LED Headlamp

According to Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo, Petzl has announced that some time in 2013, it will release a powerfully bright headlamp. While geared towards outdoor adventurers and spelunkers, headlamps make great handsfree attic inspection tools. At 700 lumens, the Petzl Ultra rush will undoubtedly provide more than enough light for even the most poorly lit attics and crawlspaces.

There’s no pricing or availability details besides a vague promise of a 2013 release, but the Ultra Rush will apparently come with a rechargeable battery pack and four brightness levels. And it’s safe to assume that when set to its full brightness level of 700 lumens, the Ultra Rush’s battery life will be severely limited. Which is why you’re able to turn it down during those times you don’t need to simulate daylight in the middle of the night.

While the new model is not yet available (and may be a little overkill for attic inspections), the 350 lumen Petzl E52 AC Ultra Headlamp is available from Amazon. It features adjustable lighting modes and an external rechargeable battery pack.