Rest easy: Tuna can lawsuit finally settled…

From the San Diego 6 News Desk:

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Friday announced a $3.3 million settlement of a civil consumer protection action against three tuna-packing companies over the amount of tuna in cans.

Wait, what?

Tuna is often packed in water, oil and vegetable broth, and the amount of tuna relative to additional ingredients is controlled by a federal “standard of fill.” The investigation found that the three tuna-packing companies failed to meet the required amount of tuna in cans packed with vegetable broth and added flavors.

“Our Consumer Unit is focused on making sure San Diego consumers get what they pay for,” Dumanis said. “Labels help consumers make selections. In this case, our offices worked together to make sure that what is on the label is what’s actually in the can.”

I, for one, feel much safer now. Stay classy, San Diego.

Via San Diego 6