After conquering real estate listings, Zillow aims for home improvement market with “Zillow Digs”

Update – Both the site, Zillow Digs and Griffith’s article are now live.

PandoDaily’s Erin Griffith just spilled the beans on an as-of-yet unannounced new service offering by Web 2.0 real estate giant, “Zillow Digs” will function as both a web app and iPad app that will showcase various types of renovations sorted/filtered by material, style and price.

Here’s more:

Similar to the way Zillow provides valuation data for homes and properties, Zillow Digs uses an algorithm to determine the price of home renovations in bathrooms and kitchens. The site’s estimates take things like size, materials, finish, materials, and regional labor into account and break them down in specific charts so it’s not just a large, arbitrary number.

Via PandoDaily

In the early days of Zillow, the site was hated by real estate professionals because in the past, only real estate agents had access to real estate listings. Over time, however, Zillow has been moderately successful in repairing that damaged relationship by offering tools to real estate professionals for boosting business. In 2012, the majority of the company’s revenue came from its real estate agent subscription options.

Similarly, according to Griffith, Zillow will offer the new Digs service for free. In time, Zillow will offer premium services to home remodeling professionals such has enhanced listings and other promotional services.

Once live, the new service should be available here: Zillow Digs.