The Magic of Business: Imagination

Ferdinando Buscema is the “Magic Experience Designer” at Trading Factor. He is a magician and management consultant. (Just let that sink in for a moment, but try not to overthink it…)

As part of TEDxVenezia, Buscema gave a fascinating talk on the interaction between magic and management. Below are some highlights:

Three secrets of magic:

  1. “Reality is not always what it seems to be” – the role of the artist is to shape our perception of reality
  2. “Imagination creates reality”
  3. “Reality is made of words”

In his presentation, Buscema cited IBM’s 2010 Chief Executive Officer Study. 70% of those interviewed said that imagination and intuition are two of the most important skills that modern managers must possess. To be successful in business, as in art or magic, the practitioner must be able to translate noise and chaos into signal and meaning. These skills come through self-cultivation.