The Most Litigious Dessert in America? (Sounds delicious!)

Several members of my family were in Kentucky last week, not for the Derby, but to celebrate a special event. I couldn’t go, but at least I can celebrate at home in my own kitchen, thanks to the kind folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

One of our most recent additions to the Takedown Hall of Shame is Kern’s Kitchen, the company behind the “most litigious dessert in America.” It owns a trademark on the term Derby Pie, which is the name of a popular Southern confection made with chocolate, pecans, and lots of sugar. Anybody’s allowed to make it—and there are plenty of variations online and in cookbooks—but if you call it Derby Pie, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a legal threat from Kern’s Kitchen.

Via the EFF

There is something very delicious-sounding about the most litigious dessert in America. (And I’ll bet it tastes damn good with a Bourbon Manhattan, such as the folks at the Brown Hotel serve.)