A Digital Magazine for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry

After tearing down AEC Quality .com to the bare studs and rebuilding the site by hand, I am proud to announce the beginning of a new chapter. Beginning July 1st, each month we will explore the trends impacting quality and risk management in the built environment. With an impressive panel of guest columnists, this free digital magazine will be delivered to your inbox in PDF format.

When I started AEC Quality .com several years ago, blogging wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. The easiest way for me to describe the site to other people in the industry was to call it a digital magazine. That concept still seems to resonate with a lot of people.

Although most people are more comfortable with what a blog is, particularly in the legal community, the challenge is to stay on top of what’s going on, without getting overwhelmed. A monthly digital magazine seems to me to be a better fit for both the content and for my readers.

What’s Changed?

For one thing, the site’s layout and design has changed dramatically. I am using what’s known as responsive design principles to ensure that everything is optimized based on the device it is viewed on. So if you visit AEC Quality .com on a mobile phone or a tablet, you’ll have no trouble viewing the content. Also, the focus for this re-design is on legibility and accessibility.

Another change is that instead of publishing content daily, content will be added in bits and pieces. News items will be published to the site and announced by email each week. Featured articles by guest columnists will appear in the magazine first, and will then trickle in during the following month.

So to remain up to date with what is happening in the industry, you’ll want to subscribe.

Also, you’ll notice that on the homepage and in the footer (if not using a mobile device), there is a new “Content Guide” (pictured above). The content guide provides quick links view articles in a given category, beginning with the most recent ones first. The categories:

Guest Columnists Wanted!

I am currently lining up a roster of guest columnists that includes some of the leading professionals in construction, law and insurance. If you would like to contribute your insight to the community, consider this your engraved invitation.

In order to publish by the first of the month, I’ll need your article by the 15th. I’m not looking for the next Great American Novel – think conversational tone, and around 500 to 1,500 words. Contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

My goal is to publish the first issue on July 1st.

Let’s Do This!

I’m excited. The industry we are in is changing daily, and staying informed is more important than ever. To paraphrase Gary V:

You, with a little bit of me, are going to change the construction industry – whether they like it, or not!

Image courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives