Video: What is the San Diego Green Assistance Program and why is it important?

As many of my friends and colleagues know, I am actively involved on the San Diego Green Building Council as co-chair of the marketing committee and as a volunteer on the revolutionary Green Assistance Program.

Basically, the whole point of the Green Assistance Program is to help other nonprofits improve their facilities’ operations and maintenance. (Or as I see it, help them to achieve More From Less.) At Earth Day this year, in between sets of reggae and roots music, my family and I attended a ceremony commemorating the World Beat Center’s LEED EB:OM (Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance) Silver certification. Currently, I am on a team of volunteers working towards LEED EB:OM certification at two additional Balboa Park properties.

Below is video put together by the incredibly talented Chris Giles, a photographer and videographer specializing in architectural photography:

The Green Assistance Program was developed to aid local non-profits and community centers that desire to green their buildings. The premise of this program is to rally the expertise in the green building community in service to these other institutions that support the community and provide human services in our region.

The vision we have for the future is that our buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. Our community are the experts in green buildings. If we can help other non-profits lighten the burden of designing, constructing, or operating their buildings, then they can better focus on their mission–while we focus on ours: to inspire, educate and collaborate within our community to transform our built environment toward true sustainability. This is about social equity, economic return and environmental responsibility.

The SDGBC is grateful to the Sempra Energy Foundation for their gracious support in the launch of this program in 2010. Ongoing support for GAP has been provided by San Diego Gas & Electric, USGBC National and DPR Construction. We are also grateful to our partner institutions that have allowed us access to their facility and to LEEDUser for technical support in pursuing LEED Certification.

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