Gone, but not forgotten: Cal Worthington and his dog Spot

The Consumerist has a nice round-up of the seven reasons that recently deceased Cal Worthington won’t likely be forgotten any time soon:

For anyone growing up in California, it’s likely that you saw used-car impresario Cal Worthington and his dog Spot imploring shoppers to “Go see Cal.” And if you didn’t, your local salesman probably lifted a few tips from him. One of the most famous, wackiest of wacky car commercial salesmen, Worthington passed away on Sunday at age 92, prompting an outpouring of nostalgic tributes.

Here is one of my favorite of his commercials:

via consumerist.com


Both my wife and I remember the lyrics growing up as, “Pussy cow, pussy cow, pussy cow,” instead of, “Go see Cal…”

When I was younger, two great mysteries always evaded me:

  1. What does the letter “ellemeno” look like?
  2. What is the difference between a pussy cow and a regular cow?