Yelp v. San Diego Attorney: Integrity, honesty and ethics at issue

A San Diego law firm and online review site Yelp are engaged in a battle with multiple fronts it appears.

Yelp’s business practices have been called into question many times. This time, however, Yelp is the plaintiff and they are suing a local San Diego lawyer for allegedly posting fake reviews.

Ars Technica has more:

Curiously, Yelp’s lawsuit against McMillan was filed just days before a San Diego superior court judge was supposed to rule on Yelp’s appeal of a small claims case that McMillan filed against Yelp. The initial small claims judge likened Yelp’s practices to the Mafia, a fact that was highlighted in a local news segment on this story. (As a result of this initial ruling, McMillan is now soliciting others in similar circumstances.)…

McMillan hired Yelp to provide advertising services in 2012 after receiving a cold call from an ad sales representative.

“I agreed to pay them just so they wouldn’t start posting negative reviews on my Yelp page,” he said. McMillian claimed to hear previous allegations of what he called Yelp’s “extortion” tactics.

After getting into a dispute as to what services would be provided, McMillan asked to simply be removed from the site.

Yelp refused to remove his listing, thus prompting the small claims court filing.